Ever since I can remember I have been telling and writing stories. I have also studied them in Spanish and French literature at university. Years later, I trained as an anthropologist and began to follow other people's stories in Cape Verde and Portugal. I learnt how to place them within wider analytical frameworks that deepen our understanding of the world, sometimes even calling us to action. But stories are also the scaffolding of human emotions and all they ask of us, as writers, is respect. Which words will stay true to their truth? Searching for the right word has been a lifelong project in both my academic and creative writing.

On this site, I break out of the confines of academia to give wings to my emotional involvement with storytelling and fascination with words and languages. Beauty is of utmost importance to me. Every emotion, no matter how dramatic or trivial it may seem, deserves nothing less. And words have their own intrinsic beauty waiting to be unleashed in the silenced spaces of the rambling mind.

Words are also fun to play with. Monkey mind's noisy chatter does not always have to be silenced. It can be turned into a laughing matter!

I hope you enjoy this site at least half as much as my friend and I have enjoyed building it together. To her I extend my heartfelt and fun filled thanks!