Remember the Cakes?

A Letter to Fear

Letting go of fear through a realization of the powerful hold of childhood memories.

Cape Verdean Society on wheels!

Conflicts over time and space in collective taxis in Cape Verde offer a novel anthropological perspective on the study of (im)mobility which has tended to focus more on long range, border crossing movements.

Mantenha a distância!

A atenção a um detalhe num supermercado, a partir do qual reflito sobre a sociedade e as relações entre as pessoas.

Breakfast at 9pm?

Why would anyone voluntarily deprive themselves of food and water? I fasted for a day during Ramadan to support a Muslim friend and see things from the other side.

Sensory ways of knowing

When research tunes into emotions

Bodily experiences and emotions are hard to capture in research methods that rely on models, questionnaires, and statistics. How can researchers record feelings?

The hidden beauty of a toilet brush

There's nothing like an everyday object to shine a spotlight on human cooperation-or lack thereof. A toilet brush and a human castle materialize our expectations of other human beings.

Sex changes and changing rooms

Gender has become such a mainstream word that in some contexts it has become a misplaced substitute for sex. It as if people feel that it is no longer safe or politically correct to say the word sex. So what is the difference between sex and gender?

We know popcorn goes 'pop' but can culture ever go 'snap'?

When should we look beyond culture to explain behaviour? The (ab)uses of culture in relation to Cape Verdean migrants in Portugal.