Originally from a literary background (French and Spanish, BA Oxford 1988), I became interested in Anthropology after living in Angola (1988-1992) where I worked for OIKOS – a Portuguese NGO (1990-1992), responsible for the logistics of projects facilitating the return of the internally displaced population. I have an MA in Rural Social Development from the University of Reading (1993) and an MA in Applied Social Anthropology ("Third World Development and Social Transformation") from the University of Sussex (1995) where I also completed my PhD (2001) on local development, associations, NGOs and their relations with the state following fieldwork in Cape Verde (1996-7).

My current research post is at the Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA) at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) at the New University of Lisbon where I am conducting research on the role of the law im migrant and refugee decision making.

My other areas of interest include the anthropology of health and development anthropology. I have published on the anthropology of development in Cape Verde, on migrant mothering, gender, citizenship and identity issues amidst Cape Verdean students in Portugal and my emerging work focuses on the legal consciousness of migrants and refugees in Portugal.

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